My daughter brought back a leaflet from school about Super Strike Fundraisers Ltd a month before the summer holidays. The leaflet was bright, bold and full of information on different types off activities provided plus local too. That caught my eye as I really wanted my daughter to experience different active sports.

My daughter has Down Syndrome and being her first time attending a "summer scheme" I wanted to make sure it was the right choice for her. I inquired and corresponded with the team and asked questions, said about my daughter and her needs. Very accommodating, was happy to help in anyway possible. Due to this new experience for my daughter I put in place support with her as I'm mum to 2 others age 1 and 3. Beforehand I was researching for a local play scheme but nothing seemed to fit her needs. I enquired special needs school but they only cater for their own school children which really unnerved me. So we decided on booking just 2 sessions in the first week and go from there. My daughter and her PA came back from the first session and they loved it. Did so much and my daughter was full of it, told me everything she did that day. Her PA is a full qualified teaching assistant and she had such high appraisals about the team.

So I went along to the following session with my daughter to have a nose. Straight away was very welcomed by the team. Happy for me to be there. It was amazing day!! I so wanted to be a child again and join in. Judo & gymnastics such fun and the children loved it and they learned so much without realising. Team building, confidence, new skills, fun, exciting, learning to win and lose, fitness and having fun!

Happy and exciting place for the children to come to. When winning a game the child gets rewarded a medal. My daughter didn't join in on this activity. Happy to watch however building work was being done on site which upset her due to the drilling noise close to the hall we were in. My daughter has very sensitive hearing. The team could see she was upset so they asked her what she would like to do?... help put her socks and shoes on and went into the other room to do crafts. Which made her very relaxed and happier. I witness this and just felt so supportive, really made my heart melt!! Such a kind act. The team are professionals who all work with children and have a zero tolerances. Super Stike Fundraisers Ltd use Southcote Primary School premises so when its free play the children can use the set up play areas which are fantastic for imagine play.

Fantastic value for money and putting my daughter's and my son's name down for next year.

I’m looking forward to seeing you guys next year.


My daughter had an amazing time at the Summer Camp and loved the teachers and always came home wanting to go again and again!

What prompted you to seek our services?
I wanted a change to her summer routine and to give my childminder a break :)

What situation did our services solve?
Making my child happy, excited about the summer, keen to go more times, and we had someone we trusted take care of our child whilst we worked.

What would you say is unique about us?
Your friendliness, warmth, open approach to parents and kids, and extremely flexible. I even booked extra days, the night before she went in! Super duper.

Would you recommend us to others?

Should the opportunity arise, would you use our services again?

Please do let me know about half terms, Easter and next summer. She wants to go again!

Thank you so much

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